Here's the damage sustained to the Blade 350qx we crashed behind the painted desert trading while filming the area. 40+ MPH winds made piloting the quad copters a stressful experience.

We lost sight of the aircraft when the wind took control of it and blew it northeast of our location. We spent about 2 hours searching the scrubby desert. We have lost one drone before which is somewhat costly, a more devastating toll is losing the footage on the GoPro camera. We faired pretty well. We only broke the landing gear, a prop, and cracked some of the body. All can be repaired inexpensively and easily.

We also flew our highly outfitted DJI PHANTOM modified by DSLRPROS. The phantom did fairly well under the conditions and was easier to control with the FPV Viewer, and remote telemetry. It did lumber against the winds to return home to its point of origin.

All in all it was a great adventure. It seems like nearly every time I visit the painted desert trading post near the painted desert national park I always encounter something new or memorable.Pictured is a Route 66 roadie favorite: The Painted Desert Trading Post. Located on Route 66 between Navajo and Holbrook In Arizona.


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