Making My Mark At The Midpoint Of Route 66

Dennis Purschwitz, at the Midpoint Cafe ( commissioned me earlier this year to come up with a design to help aid in his project of defining the Midpoint finish line.  Dennis had a great idea of defining the actual Midpoint with a giant solid bar painted across all 5 lanes of Route 66 in Adrian, Texas.  To compliment the bar, my classic "Route US 66" stencils were employed in partnership with a custom "MIDPOINT" stencil.  What a great addition to the Midpoint of Route 66.

Deborah Sue Glass McDonald, from Oldham County was put in charge of purchasing the Stencils and also purchased an additional stencil for Oldham County to use in marking their alignments of Route 66.  Thanks to her, thousands of travelers will have no doubt of where they are when traveling through Oldham County, Texas.

Another aspect I like to think about is how many young kids will see these stenciled shields painted on their neighborhood roads?  Undoubtedly this will also plant a seed in these youths.  It's just one of the many reasons I love to paint the shields and provide them to municipal organizations.  If your town would like to purchase a set of stencils please have them contact me, Roamin' Rich.